Beautiful woman holding bitcoin in hands while sitting in modern office

Why I Like Bitcoin Cash

Here is why I like Bitcoin Cash. There are many reasons to like Bitcoin Cash. Why do you like Bitcoin Cash? How can Bitcoin Cash be even better?

Bitcoin Cash has extremely low fees. Ethereum is interesting and good. However, I think Ethereum’s fees are significantly higher than those of Bitcoin Cash.

As I understand it, tokens can be created with Bitcoin Cash now. Badger Wallet also exists for Bitcoin Cash, giving Bitcoin Cash similar power to what MetaMask provides for Ethereum.

I really like the basic income cryptocurrency Manna, and it seems to me that Bitcoin Cash Tokens could be utilized to create a basic income cryptocurrency that is more decentralized than Manna.

I really like Steem. Steemit, the primary platform for the cryptocurrency Steem is not perfect. As I understand it, creators can only earn Steem rewards on the content they create for about a week after they create the content. Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Cash Tokens could be integrated into a social media platform that accepts cryptocurrencies in exchange for self serve advertising. On such a site, 90% of the net profits from advertising could be rewarded back to content creators in the form of Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Cash Tokens. Users could also pay a relatively small fee in Bitcoin Cash each month or quarter to not see ads at all.

Bitcoin Cash has decent amount of network effect going for it. The forking of Bitcoin Cash did not help this perhaps. However, this can be overcome it seems.

Bitcoin Cash’s extremely low fees, which is what Satoshi seemed to intend for Bitcoin, is what can enable Bitcoin (Cash) to be so incredibly useful, dynamic, and flexible.

It will be interesting to see how Bitcoin Cash evolves over the next few months and years. There are many reasons to like Bitcoin Cash. Hopefully Bitcoin (Cash) can help to effectively bank the hundreds of millions of individuals who currently do not have easy access to banking services. What do you like about Bitcoin Cash? How do you think Bitcoin Cash can be improved?

Cheers and Limitless Peace.